Saturday, March 27, 2010

I just spent an evening belly down on the couch watching Motherhood. I had no idea what it was about, besides the fact that Uma Thurman was in it. Once her character started Blogging, I was hooked. Blogging about motherhood and life no less! Would she be honest or would she be one of the closet-drinker-mom's, as I refer to them. You know, the ones who are all rainbows, cotton candy and perfectly accessorized lives. How can that level of perfection actually exist??? But... I digress; another post for another day.

My Mr. and I watched it together; ok, he watched with one eye on the screen and another buried in a book, but as he did offer up the occasional comment or question I am choosing to believe that he was way more attuned to the movie than the book. One thing that really struck him was how women respond to other women out in public. Yes, we really can be nasty, unsupportive bitches to one another. Why is it so hard to offer support one aspiring super-mom to another? Would it kill us? I choose to believe that it would make us stronger, individually and as a group. Imagine getting home after a day of errands with kids in tow with your head held high and a smile on your face because another mom offered a verbal commendation to you instead of a snide aside. Wow, wouldn't that be amazing? Everyone would be in a happier mood. You might even be happy to see your other half walk in the door after work instead of resenting the fact that he does not have to deal with this BS on a daily basis. I know that such an event would help me appreciate the gifts that I have in my life instead feeling constantly pressured and stressed that I am failing my job evaluations as mommy, wife, homemaker and employee.

Motherhood, left me feeling both validated and yearning for my moment of clarity.

Oh, and the soundtrack is killer.

This aspiring super-mom recommends that you watch it.

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