Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Last night I had a dream about shopping. It was so strange. I was in a place that reminded me of Macau, with little shops open to the street and people with a party attitude everywhere. Ok, that's not so wierd, but the stores were. Here's a few that I remember...
  1. The Sock store. Ok, maybe not so strange except that all of the socks had the toes missing. Like leg warmer socks. Oh, and the socks were all brown.
  2. The Organic Clothing store. You customized your own clothes. Sound good? Well, you customized them by picking out the clothing item that you wanted AND an essential oil fragrance. The clothing was then permanently infused with that scent. The store was packed with people and the scents were crazy. I don't really remember them, but I do remember being awed by the whole concept.
  3. The diaper store. All the diapers had animal tails on them. Disposable diapers with animal tails. WTF???
  4. The Liquor store, where you could just open up a bottle and take a swig to test it out. If you didn't like it you just put it back on the shelf. Then the next person would come along and take a swig out of the same bottle. And yes Lev, this even grossed me out.
There were more but I can't quite put my finger on what ecactly they were anymore. Maybe it'll come back to me. I do remember that the stores became too overwhelming for me at some point and I went and sat in a random alley for a long time while my shopping partners carried on. Until the cops came that is...

I wonder what I had to eat or drink last night before bed???

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