Monday, March 29, 2010

Toys x 2

I've been wanting to get the boys Doodle Boards for quite awhile, but at $30 a pop x 2... I wasn't sure if they wouold like them or if it would once again be money wasted. Just by chance I actually looked at the Toys R Us website last week, and wouldn't you know, they had them on sale for 10 bucks! Now that's my kind of deal. Were the doodle boards a hit? We're on day 3 and they are still playing with them! Amazing! the only things in the past that have held their attention for so long are dollar store toys and cardboard boxes. Two identical Doodle Boards means less fighting. Aren't they cute...

On another note, those of you with twins or kids really close in age, how do you handle the toy buying/sharing issue? I've pretty much been buying two of most things that are exactly identical. This cuts down on all of the squabbling over whose toy it is. That said, we still have plently "single" toys in the house that the boys LOVE to fight over and occassionally manage to work out some way of sharing.

What do you do?

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