Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tough Guys

I've been super busy lately and without much sleep or time, it has been hard to get on here and post anything coherent. Please be gentle as I attempt to climb back on the horse.

Hmm, maybe a funny story is the way to ease myself back into the saddle; good thing there is no shortage of those around here.

Alek's best-bud Steven was over awhile ago and they set themselves up on the couch in front of the Wii playing some military game that they love. You know, the kind with lots of shooting and bravado. It was Alek's turn at the controller and the conversation went like this:

     Steven: Why did he just call you Bulldog? You're guy's name
                 isn't Bulldog.
     Alek (in full out lecturer mode): Well, he called me Bulldog
                 because my guy is a Commando. Commando's are tough
                 and so they need tough guy nicknames. You know, like
                 Bulldog, or Sarge, or Ice Cream.
     Steven: Oh.

A classic Alek and Steven conversation. Those boys just make me laugh and laugh.

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